Shopping at the Values Mall

You are going shopping at the Values Mall. All of the experiences or qualities that you buy will be part of your life. Those that you do not buy will be absent from your life. There are seven stores in the mall. In a given store, you can buy as many items as you like, or none at all. However, you have exactly $100 to spend. On a separate sheet of paper, copy each value that you want to have in your life, along with the "cost" of that value. Keep a running total of how much you have spent, and do not to go over $100. Since the costs of moving in a valued direction vary based on individual circumstances, all of the "prices" in the values mall have been randomly assigned. Happy shopping!

Welcome to The Values Mall !

Leisure and Learning Lane
      Traveling $6.
      Learning new things $8.
      Relaxation and meditation $7.
      Enjoying a hobby or sport $5.
      Enjoying art, music or literature $6.
The Family and Friends Store
      Helping loved ones in need $9.
      Hanging out and laughing with loved ones $8.
      Emotional intimacy and personal sharing $6.
      Meeting new people $7.
      Belonging to a club or group $5.
The Love Boutique
      Long-term commitment and fidelity $8.
      Companionship and shared interests $5.
      Physical intimacy and sex $7.
      Romance and excitement $8.
      Emotional connection with partner $9.
      Making a lot of money $8.
      Doing work that is challenging or creative $7.
      Helping others $8.
      Flexibility and autonomy $5.
      Doing something easy and low-stress $9.
The Spirituality Shop
      Prayer and meditation $7.
      Knowledge/understanding of spiritual writings $7.
      Believing and practicing a specific religion $9.
      Belonging to a spiritual community $5.
      Feeling connected to a higher power $6.
Community Corner
      Being politically aware and involved $8.
      Volunteering to help others $6.
      Protecting the environment $6.
      Patriotism $8.
      Being ethical and fair $7.
The Mind-Body Connection
      Eating healthy foods $7.
      Exercising regularly $9.
      Psychological awareness/ mental health $6.
      Managing stress well $7.
      Living as long as possible $6.

Thank you for shopping at the Values Mall. Was it easy to decide what to buy and what to leave behind? Did you have to make some difficult choices? In which stores did you make the most purchases? Where did you make the fewest purchases? Look at the items that you bought, and the "stores" or categories where you made the most purchases. What are the values reflected in your choices? Are you currently living your life in ways that are consistent with those values?